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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quick post

Carter man is sick once again!! Obviously the Zithromax he got last week for his bronchitis/ear infection didn't help. He had 102 fever yesterday around 4pm so I took him to the dr & we have another double ear infection! This is the second one in a month so we may be on the verge of tubes which I hear isn't bad at all, so I'm ok with that if it'll help our little guy stay well. We are back on Omnicef which nipped it in the bud last time, so hopefully it'll do the same again. I have high hopes for a happy, well baby SOON!! Spring, where are you?!?!

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  1. Is he getting any dairy? That will cause ear infections big time as well as speech delays. Also, make sure they are not laying him down and letting him give himself a bottle at daycare. That too will cause an ear infection. His little sweet cheeks are flushed which is a sure sign of a food allergy reaction. I would start with the first two things mentioned. I promise you will see a difference if you take the dairy out of his diet!!!! ALL dairy!