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Monday, February 8, 2010

Babies, babies, everywhere!

Whew, we had a BUSY week & w/e!! As I mentioned previously, my friend Lauren just had her first baby boy, Brooks, on Thursday right after midnight. I went to see him during my lunch break on Friday...he's got a head full of hair & his Daddy's precious!
Also on Friday, one of my best friends Amy found out she is having a BOY in June (I was SO wrong thinking girl! :)) They are going to name him Blake...Congrats Amy & Ben!!! And our friends Chris & Karlin welcomed a sweet baby boy, Christian, into the world on Friday afternoon. We went to see them late Sat. morning...he has the cutest dimple in his chin & looks a lot like his Daddy! Do you notice a trend here with all of these boys!?! :)

Saturday afternoon we went to Walker's 1st birthday party at Grant & Meagan's house. It was so fun getting together with all of our friends with kids/babies! The theme was monkeys & the house was decorated so cute! Check out Walker's precious monkey outfit. Here is Carter having a good time...

And now a breakdown! HA!! I thought it was so funny & completely out of character for Carter. He is so laid back & carefree normally. I think it was b/c we had to wake him up from his nap to get there & he was a little overwhelmed with the new atmosphere & people.

Everyone staring & thinking..."why is this kid crying?!?"

And then he got David worked up...

Then Carter was still crying but looked over at David like..."why are you crying too??" It was a bit entertaining!

Sunday Justin's Dad & Stepmom came by to spend some time with Carter & I went to a baby shower for a baby GIRL! :) It was a busy w/e but we had fun!

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