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Friday, February 19, 2010


Just a silly pic of our pathetic cat!
And a quick update...Carter has bronchitis & has just started getting an ear infection in his left ear. I had a notice on Carter's daily slip from school that he had been exposed to RSV/bronchitis, but he had been sick for a few days before that with this terrible cough/wheezing and still has had his normal appetite, sleeping fine, etc. Yesterday he was rather fussy before I took him into school & since I'm going to Nashville for a bachelorette party this w/e I decided I should probably take him to the dr just to get him checked out at least. Glad I did. So now we are on an antibiotic & some good cough medicine. I'm so ready for this winter/sick season to be OVER & for Spring to hurry up & get here! I am home with him today since he is still contagious but he'll be heading back to school on Mon. I hope everyone has a wonderful w/ is supposed to get up in the 60's here this w/e...hopefully we'll have nice weather in Nashville too!


  1. I think its going to be the in 50s but overcast... could be wrong, But at least its warmer than its been :) Are you coming for Addy's Bach. party?

  2. Looking forward to spending time with the little man tomorrow!