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Monday, February 22, 2010

Since I've been gone...

- Carter has had his first taste of dog food...I think he actually liked it. Justin said he saw a piece in his hand & then had to open his mouth to see a piece just resting inside. Bailey's food is pretty big & hard, so I'm sure he couldn't bite into it.
- He has learned how to really use his sippy cup...for some reason he thinks it is best to drink it by throwing his head all the way back so the cup is straight up & silly.
- He can stand w/o support for a few seconds.
- His top two middle teeth are really coming in now so his side teeth don't look quite so fangy anymore.

Here is the pic I got yesterday morning on my bb that was titled "I miss my mommy"...check out that hair!!

This w/e was SO gorgeous & I'm glad I got home in time to enjoy it with both of my boys. Carter had a great time sitting outside on one of his quilts playing & eating a yummy snack.  I raked the front yard while Justin worked on cleaning out more of the woods in the back. Eventually we are hoping to expand the actual yard/grass area back there so that Carter & his future siblings will have a bigger yard to play in. Bailey got a much needed bath too!

I had a great time this w/e in Nashville for Addy's bachelorette party! I got to see a bunch of my friends that I don't get to see often & meet some new girls too. There were 20+ girls there on Sat night & so of course it got wild at times. We had a lingerie shower at the hotel before we got picked up by the party bus to head to Viragos which is Addy's favorite sushi restaurant. We went to a bar/club called Mai after that & danced the night away. It was a late night...we had the bus 'til I was pretty proud that I still had it in me to stay out that late. :)

Disclosure:  Some of these pics look a little like "girls gone wild" so consider yourself warned!

At the hotel getting ready to go out

At the lingerie shower

The party bus

The DJ & guy on a mic on the bus

This is where it gets a bit scandalous...there was a stripper pole in the middle of the bus!

Dinner at Viragos...we were in a corner with two huge wrap around couches

Dancing at Mai

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