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Friday, February 12, 2010

What's this white stuff?!?!?

Carter's 1st snow day!!!!! We had SO much fun today out in the snow. We were just happy to finally get some & we certainly got a few inches...probably 3-4. I think Carter enjoyed it...wasn't so sure about it but thought it was pretty fascinating. He absolutely loved Bailey running wild in it...he could have laughed at her for as long as she kept going crazy. :) It is getting down in the 20's tonight but I don't see this stuff sticking around for long tomorrow. We at least got to enjoy it today!

I love his expression here...

Carter said please excuse his broken out face around his mouth...that came up a few days ago unfortunately...from who knows what...

This was right after a full face plant in the snow...he didn't barely flinch & could have cared less...the funny thing was I warned Justin that he was about to slide down & that would probably happen to him...of course he didn't believe me & 2 secs later, it happened...Carter did somehow get this big chunk of snow in his hand & it stuck for his
own little snowball. :)

The pets, of course, enjoyed themselves too...

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  1. Hey Ashley! I love the pictures! He is getting so big. I am enjoying watching him grow up on your blog. I wish we lived closer to get the boys together to play, I know they would have so much fun. Carter looks so sweet. I hope he is feeling better now. Love, Ashley Beaver