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Saturday, March 13, 2010

B is for...

Bronchitis!!!! Yep that's right, we have it again...rrrrrrr. When Justin's mom went to pick up Carter man at school yesterday he had 102 fever & he was very fussy. She came home with him & he immediately went to sleep laying on her chest. He was fussy most of the night & she took him to the ped. this morning to get him checked out. LUCKILY his ears looked great...what a relief!! Finally not his ears for once. But he does have that nasty bronchitis again unfortunately. He's had a terrible cough this week but no fever over 99 and since that molar is coming in I didn't think much about it. I hated we were out of town last night for the wedding, but we were back right after lunch ready to see our sweet boy & give him some TLC. He was pretty good this afternoon & took a huge 3 hour nap. He went down as usual tonight & hasn't made a peep so hopefully we will be over this soon. :)

Don't forget tomorrow or technically tonight to set your clocks forward for daylight savings time...woohoo!!! I'm so pumped about actually have daylight for awhile after we get home from work. I love Spring!!

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