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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


First off, I can't begin to tell you how much C LOVED trick-or-treating!!! He couldn't get enough of it!! We went out for about 30 min & as soon as we walked in the door he wanted back out for MORE, so of course we went...we had so much fun & he really got the hang of it quickly! He doesn't even really eat candy but he loved seeing all the neighbors & grabbing candy from their bowls. He tried to go in a few houses was pretty funny!

Carter wasn't really up for getting his pic taken before we headed out...
I love this pic of him holding his hat out & Lucky stopping by for a visit.

This is at our next door neighbors house Paul & Pat...he literally walked right in the door as soon as he opened it...
This is the second house we went to...
He actually held onto his treat bag some of the time or really he would grab it & shake it up & down until candy came flying out!
We ran into our across the street neighbors & went house to house with them for a bit...Hanna is their daughter & she's 3...she was dressed up as cinderella.
Hanna getting excited!

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