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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rosey cheeks

Last night we ran into Verizon to get new phones...J has been begging me to go for days & I've kept putting it off. I don't really need a new phone but he wanted something other than his bb (his work has changed what they will reimburse for) so he got a droid & my work only supports bb so I just upgraded my phone & I'm so glad I did. It's amazing how many new options/upgrades they can do to a phone in a it has 3G so a much faster processor. So now we've got the family plan...I'm sure Carter man will be added to that much sooner than we realize.

Here are a few silly pics of C goofing off in the store...yes that was my child running around like a mad man going "ahhhh" much as I tried to stop him. :) The sales lady kept calling him "rosey cheeks"...he loved this little step to "jump" off of.

And when I asked him to smile for me, I got this...

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  1. he always looks just like justin but really in the second picture!