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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Haircut time!

I unfortunately couldn't be at Carter's 2nd haircut appt yesterday since I didn't fly in until 6:15 last night. It was the only late appt Jaime had until Nov. 17 or later so I took what we could get. He's been needing a haircut for awhile (I trim the back & bangs every now & then but it was really growing over his ears now) & the biggest driving force was the fact that my sweet baby BOY was called a girl "look how cute SHE is" numerous times at the pumpkin patch on Sun...I swore to J right then & there that I would get him in ASAP to see Jaime! I asked J to get some before & after pics for me (b/c that's what I would've done had I been here) & since he was so thrilled to do that for me...ha...I really wasn't thinking it was going to happen but lo & behold look what I found on the camera today...

Before...oh & I can't begin to tell you how much this pic looks EXACTLY like Justin did when he was this age...

And after...much better!

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