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Monday, November 8, 2010

A brisk day in God's country

Justin really wasn't up for driving down to AU for the game this w/e...there was yardwork to catch up on & we've been out of town basically every w/e for the past 2 months. I still really wanted to go & take C even if it was going to be pretty chilly. My good friend Sara offered to go with me & we had a great time even if we froze part of the time!

C's "bed head" from riding in the car...

Heading into the game...

This is what kept him!
He was not really feeling the group picture taking.
All & all he did pretty well & we stayed til about 5 min into the 3rd quarter. I was disappointed that we didn't get a pic with Aubie...we tried 2 times but he would run right by us every time. Maybe next year. C stood on my lap a lot of times & loved dancing as soon as heard the band start playing. Luckily there was a kid sitting right in front of us b/c C was having fun kicking his chair back (as much as I tried to stop him)...he does this in the car all the time. I'm happy to hear that the weather is going to be warmer this w/e...that wind was brutal at times. War Eagle!!

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  1. Carter is adorable! We actually took Fearing this past weekend too- it was his first time in the stadium- and boy was it chilly!! I hate ya'll didn't get a picture with Aubie!! You should plan on going to the GBAC "Aubie Claus" breakfast at the end of the month! It is at the Summit and I am pretty sure you could get a good picture of Carter with Aubie there! I miss ya'll! Hopefully we can get the boys together sometime soon!