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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Birthdays galore...

First off, Happy Birthday today to my good buddy Sara!! We are headed out with some friends tom. night for mexican & margaritas to celebrate. :) And tomorrow is another one of my good buddy Shannon's b'day...just a quick shout out to farted!!!!!!! For those blog readers that are on the outside...don't even ask. You should see the card I sent her...Shannon it is WAY too much fun to find the "perfect" card for you! :)

The other b'day of the w/e was my wonderful brother's b'day that was Fri...Happy Birthday Bro! I love you! He had a busy w/e so we got to take him & his g-friend Cassie to lunch today after church. It was a gorgeous day so I snapped some shots of my mom & C for her xmas card too. I had hoped to take ours of C as well but he took a late, long nap so we ran out of daylight. It is still supposed to be nice this w/e so we'll hopefully get them done then...Christmas will be here before we know it! :)

Funny story of the w/e...
Last night we were playing with C in the living room aka his playroom & a ball to one of his toys rolled out across the foyer hardwood & up under the chest of drawers...& then a little chipmunk slowly crawled out on the side! We were obviously shocked to see him & have no idea when he got there...we do know who is guilty of bringing him in to play with...Lucky...but normally the dogs act really odd when there's an animal in the house. Oh well, we propped open the front door & scurried him out which he went out much easier than most thank goodness.

Happy Thanksgiving week to everyone!!

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