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Thursday, November 18, 2010

SEC West Champs...11-0!

We started off the w/e at the opening game of the basketball season in the brand new arena.

These blow-up things were absolutely hilarious! They have funny names like Dennis Frogman, Shaquille O'Seal...check out the site HERE

Chick-fil-A did a promo where they dropped these parachutes from the rafters...I thought it was kind of neat...too bad I didn't get one.

Ahhh Gameday...

Jenn & I

Jeni & I
Emily & I
Jenn, Carolyn, me & Brooke
Most of the tailgating crew...
Student section had orange shakers this time & of course we went over & grabbed us some after the game. We have quite the collection of solid navy & solid orange now. :)
The bald eagle
Gotta love some Cam & Aubie!
Scott, Justin, Jay, Jared and Tom

Let the karaoke begin...

Tristan def. knew how to karaoke & dougie...
It was a fabulous w/e weather & all & even though we'll miss tailgating in our favorite town, we are ready to head to ATL to play SC for the SEC championship!! Oh & hopefully beat bama on the you bammer friends & family! :)

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