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Monday, January 18, 2010

The weekend isn't over yet...

for me!! :) The one perk about my company being owned by a bank is we get all the bank holidays & I love it! So I selfishly took Carter to school today so that I could get tons of cleaning & organizing done around the house which I am currently procrastinating. I figure we're paying for him to be at school & as many times as he hasn't been there & we've still paid for it that it is worth it to me to have a productive day at the house by myself. So a little update on our weekend & then I am off to clean out & organize which I love to do (yes I'm a bit OCD) I just don't always have time to. I just might go get a pedi later too. :)

We had a great mostly uneventful weekend. Justin went to Auburn on Sat. with some guy friends to watch the AU basketball game. Ashley Judd was there (she's a huge Kentucky fan) which I thought was neat. One of my best friends from high school Emily is getting married in June so we went bridesmaid dress shopping in Homewood most of the day. Carter came with me for part of it, but my MIL came to get him to take him to a birthday party with one of her best friends that was in town. Sunday we had lunch with Justin's Dad & stepmom for his Dad's birthday that was on Fri. We took dinner to Julia & Ryan last night & finally got to meet little Wyatt. He is absolutely precious & I can't tell who he looks like more...sometimes he looks like Ryan in a picture & then when I saw him last night he looked more like Julia. They change so quickly! I unfortunately don't have any pics with him...I left the camera in the car. :( But here is a link to their blog.

Lucky's 3rd birthday was Sat...yes we acknowledge our pets' birthdays, they are like children to us. :) Here she is being as silly as ever...she loves to get in these water/sports bottle bags after I unload them and hide from Bailey.

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