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Monday, January 25, 2010

Blog post #100

A friend of mine Mindy recently pointed out when she had made it to the 100th blog mark. This of course made me curious to how many posts I had done & I was close. So here it is...#100! I guess it is sort of a proud milestone for us fellow bloggers. :) Anywho, we had a very relaxing & pretty much boring w/e. Carter came down with a cold & sort of a stomach bug starting on Friday. I won't go into all the gory details but they called me from school around 4:30 b/c he had 101 fever. I think the fever was from his teething...he refused to eat any solid foods this w/e...I think it hurts his tender gums. But after lots of TLC, sleeping, triaminic for his runny nose, eyedrops for his pinkish looking eyes, and tylenol for his teething, he is feeling better & is back at school today. His appetite is back up and he is drinking more fluids. You could just look at him & tell he didn't feel good but he was still all smiles & laughs most of the time. He really is such a sweetheart! I just hope this runny/gooky nose thing will go away soon...he can't stand for me to clean the dried gunk off his nose when he wakes up in the morning...not fun.

A few pics from the w/e...Carter loves the hardwoods & to slide around on them on his belly. He still hasn't figured out the forward motion yet but here he is when he slid himself inbetween Bailey's bed & the exersaucer. He would've kept going if the entertainment center wasn't in the way!


  1. he looks just like Justin in these pictures!!

  2. Ashley his hair is adorable! It is getting SO long!! I'm glad he is feeling better too. Sick baby is no fun. I hope you have a great week. Congrats on post #100. Now I'm curious how many I have!!