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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Barbara Ann

Justin made up a song for Carter a long time ago that has the theme of The Beach Boys song "Barbara Ann" & he absolutely LOVES it!! Here's basically how it goes..."Car, car, carrrr, car, carrrter man; car, car, carrrr, car, carrter man; carter maaan, take my hand, carter man...." It's actually really addicting & catchy & we sing it all the time. :)

Carter is basically crawling just not forward. :) He is really good about getting up on all fours & he will go backwards slowly but hasn't grasped moving the other direction yet. He is really good at moving around without us even realizing it. He'll start in one spot playing and spins around so much that all of sudden we realize he has moved a few feet over. He also has started pulling up on his musical table & will get to his knees but hasn't figured out how to pull his feet up yet. I know he'll be taking off in no time!

At school on Monday they told me we need to start bringing a sippy cup for him. We use it at home at night with dinner but since he doesn't get it yet & just bangs it on his tray I figured I would wait until he was really using it before I brought one. But supposedly most of the other kids have them & he tries to grab for theirs while sitting around the table together. He is starting to get the hang of bringing it to his mouth, he just doesn't turn it up to actually get juice out of it.

He is cutting another tooth too!! This will be the first one on top but it isn't in the front. It is the first one over to his left side. I think it was really bothering him the other night because all of sudden he started screaming in the bathtub & the only thing that would get him to stop was if he put something in his mouth to bite down on. That would only last a few seconds & then he'd start screaming again. Orajel didn't work which usually does too. Hopefully some other top teeth will be coming in at the same time like his bottom two did, so he doesn't look a little goofy with this one side tooth poking out. :)

I keep forgetting to add in his updates that he has always loved to twirl his hands & feet...constantly. It is seriously the funniest thing to walk in to pick him up from school & he is sitting in his seat just rotating his wrists around & around. He does it in sync with his feet a lot too. That is one thing I need to get on video. My child is def. one of a kind! :)

So tax season has begun & I'm just trying not to think about it. I always get depressed around this time since Justin is gone nearly 24/7 for basically 3 whole months. This year he hopes to work 5-5 during the week & then some on the weekends. That way he can still spend time with Carter who is in bed by 7pm if not earlier. So far he has already been going in pretty early around 5:30am and hasn't had to work weekends so that's good, but it is only Jan. I am glad that this year I have someone there besides the pets to spend time with & who more would I love to do that with than my precious angel!

Speaking of precious angels...a friend of mine Jenna had her second baby Maggie the end of December. They figured out during her pregnancy that her bones weren't growing as they should be & they believed that she had some sort of dwarfism & they wouldn't be able to determine more until she was born. They decided to take her a few weeks early & she was born 4 lbs 4 ounces. Low and behold she didn't have a form of dwarfism but she actually has a type of brittle bone disease. This was great news!!! All the doctors said she looked great & everything was way better than was expected. See what the power of prayer can do! So they have run all sorts of tests on her & have sent bloodwork off to Seattle to find out exactly what type of brittle bone disease she has & then they can figure out where to go from here. They think she has the least severe type which is HUGE & would be the greatest news ever! So if you are reading this please say a prayer that the test results come back the best they can & that the Bailey family keeps getting such positive news. I got to see her a few weeks ago & she is such a doll!!! She has a head full of hair & looks a lot like her Daddy! What a blessing & an absolute miracle!

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