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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Email chain

So I get back from my work bible study that we do at lunch on Thursdays (when I can make it) & I have this conversation in my inbox which had also blown up on my bb while I was there...

FYI this is Justin & a girl he works with who is one of my good friends from back in the day emailing back & forth...I left out some of the earlier unrelated parts of the conversation where I was obviously not responding.

Sara: Ashley must have her mind on sips n strokes (I'm going tonight :)) or at lunch!
Justin: She made me go give the kid medicine, so she better be hard at work.
Sara: Go give "the kid" medicine. :)
Justin: The kid who was crying when I got there because his mother made him wear shoes today.
Sara: It is cold outside. You put on shoes today so why would Carter not put on shoes!
Justin: I put on shoes because I walk, not because it is cold. He only had one on when I got there anyway. He was probably frustrated that he couldn't get the other one off.
Sara: That is gangsta. Maybe Ashley is trying to speed up the walking process.

The funniest part about this is when I called Justin before I read all these emails, he told me the story about going to see Carter & he said that he asked one of the teachers if the shoes he was wearing were his or not! I pretty much died out laughing!! Granted I don't put shoes on Carter very often but I decided the other day that I thought it may help his FORWARD progression of crawling if he couldn't slide in his socks. This clearly justifies how much Dads have NO CLUE how to dress a child much less what the child owns/wears. Not like Justin isn't a wonderful father by any means...I just thought it was highly entertaining & thought you may too.

A side note...Justin also told me that there was a dead bird in the living room when he went home for lunch. Glad I wasn't there to clean that up. Generally that means feathers everywhere but not sure if that was the case or not. And a quick FYI on the zoo house we live in...our cat Lucky is the one that actually brings all these things (chipmunks, moles, birds, lizards, snakes, bats, etc.) in, they don't come in on their own. I was talking with my friend Lori yesterday (Happy Birthday yesterday!) & she said that her husband said how he didn't want to move to Riverchase after seeing all the animals that came into our house from my blog...haha! Lucky carries them in her mouth through the dog door. The really amazing part about it is that she doesn't have front claws but she has quite a grip without them & can still even climb trees. She's a silly cat!

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  1. LOVE that we all have blogs so we can keep in touch! Your little one is growing so fast, you'll be planning his first birthday party before you know it :-)