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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The name game

We have FINALLY decided on a name for little's going to be...


HAAA wouldn't that be just downright AWFUL if we named her that...Snow Flurry! She would hate us for the rest of her life. Ok so all kidding aside our sweet little munchkin is going to be named....Caroline!!! She doesn't have a middle name yet but we are close on that too. I'm so thrilled & C is so cute when you ask him what his sister's name is...just the way he says it with a precious little smile on his face. Of course I'm not really sure how much he really comprehends that a little baby girl will be sharing his space, parents & everything else in just a few short months. He does love babies though & is completely drawn to them if we see them out anywhere. It'll be an adjustment but I'm sure he'll get used to it soon.

So back to the whole Caroline name thing. I remember telling J last football season that when we get prego again, if it's a girl I want to name her Caroline. At that point he shot it down, said it was too long, ppl won't know if it's Caroline or Carolyn (pronunciation wise), etc. But I just thought it was a good southern name, a good baby & adult name & most of all it sounds good with Carter...Carter & Caroline. And after much deliberation over what seemed like a gazillion other names, Caroline still stood out as the best fit.

I have a funny story about the whole issue with making sure it sounds good to say the siblings names together. I was in Once Upon a Time in Homewood a month or so ago & the very friendly sales lady was telling me about her daughter & how she already had a son named Sam & was having a girl & thinking about naming her Ella. She said once she realized if she was out somewhere & was calling for them...Sam & Ella, Sam & Ella, that it really wouldn't sound right. Salmonella, Salmonella.

On a complete other note, I am becoming very sleep deprived & it isn't b/c I am on the verge of 32 wks prego. That does have something to do with it but the biggest issue is Carter man is still waking up early & throughout the night. Last night was 2am & then up by 5:40am. The night before he was up at 12:15 & 2:30. This past w/e he was up on Sat morning @ 4:45am for the day...even after trying to get him to sleep in the bed with us, he was wide awake & not going back to sleep. He did finally fall asleep on the bed with me around 7:30 for an hr max. You would think he would have made up for it at nap, but no, he only took 1.5 hr nap. So this mama is exhausted & has had enough. J is going to install the top of the stairs gate that we bought forever & a day ago & hope that will keep him at least from coming downstairs in the middle of the night but hopefully in his bed sleeping!! We may have to resort to a nightlight on a timer set to turn on when it is time to wake up or one of those alarm clock things with the bunny that shows when it is ok to get up. He used to be such a good sleeper & sleep 10-12 hrs a night & I really wasn't expecting to be this tired until miss Caroline arrived. Here's to hoping the little non-sleeping monster will get back in his old routine & SLEEP!

Not much else has been going on. We did go to the zoo this w/e with the McFarland girls which was way fun since we went late on Sat & it was storming everywhere else but there so we basically had the whole to zoo to was wonderful. More updates & pics coming soon!

P.S. I forgot to mention that I finally got the sonogram video up on THIS post. Thanks to my computer genius bro who helped me convert it from whatever file it was to one that would work on YouTube. I did have to break it up into 5 separate videos (10 min long total) but in case you are interested/care to see little miss moving around then there it is for your viewing pleasure. :)

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