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Friday, July 1, 2011

The "magic" gate

J got the gate installed at the top of the stairs yesterday & we told C that it was his "magic" gate that would help him sleep through the night & keep him safe (so he doesn't fall down the stairs in the middle of the night in the dark). So far it seems like it worked like a charm & it is now mommy's "miracle" gate. :) I never heard a peep out of him last night & as far as I can tell he wasn't up until 6:45. J did find him outside his door right at the gate but barely making a noise. All I can say is I hope it isn't just a one night deal & that this will get him back in his normal sleeping routine (fingers are crossed). I do feel so refreshed today...I'm really not one to normally complain but this mama hasn't been sleeping great anyway which is to be expected at 32 wks but with these frequent late night visits or crying multiple times a night, it has really been wearing me down. I hope everyone has a wonderful July 4th w/e!!

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