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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


That's right, our sweet Lucky Loo is MISSING!! We realized on Friday that we hadn't seen her since Wed night...she comes & goes as she pleases & we've gotten pretty lax on making sure she is in at night since she can come in the dog door whenever. We've searched the neighborhood with the dogs & I obviously made some signs that didn't even last 24 hrs before they were taken down...we have an extremely strict homeowner's association here in Riverchase. She had on a collar but it didn't have tags b/c I was having to replace her collar every month or so since she would lose it when the tags would get caught on brush/branches while she was out...that was the only way I could keep a collar on her. She is microchipped which I've already called to notify them so I am really just praying that she has just gone on a bit of a hiatus & will show up sometime soon. My biggest fear is that there have been a lot of workers a few houses up the past few weeks & that her nosey self has jumped in the back of one of their trucks if they left their door open & that they didn't realize it until they got back to wherever they live or work & kicked her out. I just don't see her not making it home if she was hurt somehow but we did have coyotes in our neighborhood a few years ago so you just never know. I'm trying to stay as positive as possible but she is like a child to me so each day that goes by makes it that much harder & miss her that much more.

A few recent shots I have taken of her...she has gotten pretty attached to C's booster seat.

I love this one...the chair is pretty much pushed all the way up but she has managed to squeeze into it.

Praying for a quick & safe return of my precious Luck!

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  1. Ashley- I am so sorry! I hope and pray he returns to u safe and sound!