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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Everybody goes to Milo's...

Look what I figured out I can get on at work today...the BLOG!! :) I got here this morning & realized my whole computer had been updated, revamped, etc. Of course now everything that was personalized on it is gone as well as all my pictures...don't you think they could have warned someone ahead of time?!? Luckily I'm pretty sure any pics I had saved on here are saved at home too but still. We'll see how long this lasts but for now I will take full advantage of catching up since I really don't have a lot going on at work right now. I took my last flight to TX last week since I'm almost to the "no travelling" stage. I hit 30 wks yesterday...I can't believe it!! I'm already going every 2 wks to the dr now instead of 4. The in-laws came in town yesterday for the week & Sara & I started tackling little miss' bedding last night. Tonight is the last night we will have to work on it together so after that I'll be all on my own finishing up the bumpers, skirt, bubble shade & pillow for her room. I'm learning a lot & can't wait to see the finished product...hopefully I don't screw it up. :) There has been a lot going on these days especially this week, day & night. I'm starting a photography class tom. night that lasts 4 wks...I can't wait to really learn how to use my SLR camera to its full potential. Hopefully I'll have a little more "professional" looking pics on here in the future. J is in the process of training for a triathalon...I think I've mentioned how he has run a 5K & biked in a fundraiser race recently. The triathalon is in Guntersville on Aug. 13 so he recently joined the Hoover Rec to work on the swimming portion of that. C has been getting up about as early as J has (around 5:45am) every morning for the past week or so & coming downstairs on his own. His bowels have been all messed up from his top 2 molars coming in so I think that is what is causing the early morning wake-up calls. He'll lay in the bed & watch Blue's Clues for about 10 min but then he wants to get up & eat breakfast & play. His usual wake-up time is around 7:15am or so...mommy is really missing those days. Last night we had to change his sheets around 1:30am when his diaper didn't hold it all & by 3am he was back downstairs & ended up sleeping in our bed horizontally...he hasn't slept in our bed since he was an itty-bitty baby. He pretty much kicked J all night & had his head on my side & gave me about a foot of room to sleep which doesn't really work for a 30 wk prego. Let's just say I'm struggling a bit today. I guess that's enough about us for now. Here is the original post that I have had saved in draft on here for who knows how long...these pics are probably from Feb or maybe Mar. I still wanted them on here for the "scrapbook" effect of the blog.
I think these were from back when pics weren't cooperating with me on here..C's first time to eat Milo's & he loved it. I have a video of him dipping his fries in the sauce & licking it off (that'll be another day)...he does this with ketchup these days too.

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