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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tickled Pink!

Sara & I worked on baby girl's bedding stuff again last night & got a bumper finished so I just had to share...

This is the outside of the bumper...

The inside...

And to show you up close the detail & the piping...

So now I've got to finish off the other 3 bumpers, do the bed skirt, make a throw pillow for her chair & sew in the 'hardware' for her roman balloon shade. HERE is a recap of all of her fabric samples. In case I haven't mentioned she only has a 'port hole' window in her room...her room is attic space that was finished off by a previous owner of our house & it has fun slanted ceilings & is just a small cutesy space that I thought would be a perfect nursery. I really didn't want to move C from his room since all of his furniture grows with him as his bed converts from crib to toddler to full but I also didn't want to get rid of our extra bedroom. I'm not sure if I've mentioned or not how J is hopefully about to start remodeling our upstairs. He is basically putting in a hallway for the 3 rooms on the opposite side of the house from C's room. The extra bedroom upstairs has a large laundry room off of it as well as a walk-in closet that takes you to the "hidden" room which is going to be little miss' bedroom. So instead of walking through a bedroom to get to each of these rooms, J is going to knock out some walls, have the intake vent for the HVAC professionally moved to the ceiling & put in sheetrock, flooring, new doors/door casings, etc. to make a hallway leading to all 3 of the rooms. It is going to make the layout of the upstairs so much better. I will of course post before, during & after pics. This will be interesting since it will be J's first real remodel project...I have faith that he can do it w/o making it cost twice as much as it would have it we hired someone professionally to do it. :) Wish us luck!!

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  1. Ashley,

    I love baby girls bedding! It's gorgeous. Good luck finishing it; how sweet to know you are making it!

    Have y'all decided on a name yet?