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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What I almost stepped on...

which was on our bedroom floor! I told my friend Kimberly (a little shout out for ya Kim :)) to let my little hunter/murderer Lucky come over to help catch their "pet" mouse Stewart but she hasn't taken me up on my offer yet. The sad thing is I find these probably weekly & alive animals almost daily (sometimes multiple times a day when I go home for lunch) inside our house. They are rarely ever in our bedroom but this one was & I just thought it was one of Baileys' toys but once I actually looked down at it & realized what it was, I of course jumped & screamed!! May the little chipmunk R.I.P. Justin thought it was funny that I immediately went & grabbed the camera right after I freaked out about it...I'd never seen a dead one on his back like this...
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  1. I actually just said "yikes" out loud at my computer! This post is too funny!

  2. wow, thanks for that horrid picture Ashley! haha! Good thing I already ate! Poor chipmunk! I'm so glad you didn't step on it!! YUCK!