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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Carters' creations

Here are a few projects Carter has done at school...

Gobble, gobble!

I love this festive plate!

These "hand"made pun intended :)...are so sweet & I will cherish them forever!!

Also a little update on the Flurry house...

Amy from SS called me yesterday right at 5 to let me know Carter was running a 101 fever. He is so pitiful when he is sick. I get him home, give him some tylenol & he is so tired he falls asleep right in my arms. It was so sweet all cuddled up with him though. I put him in his bed by 6 & he slept through the night in his clothes from yesterday, no bath, bottle, etc. He woke up a little warm this morning so I gave him some more tylenol & he drank his whole breakfast bottle & seemed ok. Justin took him in with his plate full of goodies I made for his teachers so hopefully he'll be better today. He may just be teething but if not we may be headed to the doctor later on today. Don't want a sick baby for his first Christmas!!

Also two of our good friends Julia (Ryan) & Lauren (Allen) had two beautiful babies on Monday. Lauren had Ava around 2:15pm weighing 6 lbs 1 oz & 19 inches long & Julia had Wyatt around 7:30pm weighing 7 lbs 2 oz & 22.5 inches long...I couldn't believe how long he was!! I think it is so fun that they have the same birthday now! Babies are a fabulous Christmas present! You can read Julia's blog too but poor little Wyatt had to go to the NICU yesterday b/c he had a fever & they think he may have a virus or caught an infection during delivery. He may be there for 3-7 days. I just hope they can at least get him home for Christmas which is also Ryan's birthday. I know things will be fine but everyone keep them in your prayers! We would love to go visit both of them but with Carter sick we aren't taking any chances.

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  1. I love getting new things Bates does at school! I have just now started going through the boxes of things he has done and having them framed for his playroom!