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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The holidays are here!

I can't believe we have already had Halloween (see some belated pics below) & now Thanksgiving & Christmas will be here in 23 days! I know I say this all the time but the time really does fly by! Well here is an update on Carter man & what all we have been up to...

He is 8 months old as of 2 days ago...that's right ~ 8 MONTHS!!! I can't believe it! His bottom two teeth are really coming in now & are very sharp. He is still drooling like crazy & chewing on everything in sight. Carter eats anything (can't you tell) & is really enjoying his only real solid food so far...cheerios & gerber puffs. He is actually starting to really crunch down on them instead of just sucking on them 'til they melt.

He tried everything we had on Thanksgiving...turkey, ham, all sorts of casseroles, etc. but the only thing he really cared for was the sweet potato casserole...he loves some sweet potatoes!! All the other things I think were too much new texture for him.

He is still not crawling but you can tell he really wants to. He leans forward & then goes splat on his belly & then wiggles like he is's pretty funny. He loves to stand & can stand on his own gripping onto the coffee table. His favorite thing is to bounce up & down especially in his jumperoo.

He has his next dr appt the beginning of Jan. for his 9 mo. check-up, but if I had to guess I would say he is 22 or 23 pounds. He wears a lot of 12 month things right now but still fits in most of his 9 month stuff. His hair is growing out dirty blonde & it just sticks up on's precious! He is still sleeping about 12 hours (7-7) and sometimes we even have to wake him up to get ready for school. He is still in size 3 diapers but we have had to get him overnight diapers that can hold more b/c the others weren't cutting it & I got tired of changing his sheets everyday.

He loves bath time & just lounges in his ducky in the tub & chews on his 2 favorite squirter toys, the starfish & stingray. He loves anything that isn't a baby toy...cellphone, remote control, any diaper cream/lotion bottles, etc. He will carry them around in his hands like he does his paci.

He just started sleeping on his tummy recently. Right when I put him in his bed he basically turns over immediately before I can even get him zipped up in his sleepsack.

He is busting out of his car seat, well his feet are coming out the end so we have a new Britax car seat ordered & on the way for my car & we picked up one at BRUs for Justin's the other w/e when they had a sale going on.

We had a great Thanksgiving! Everyone came to our house except Justin's sister & fam since they have a brand new baby girl & they live in Mobile. We drove down to Auburn Thanksgiving night & stayed with my good friend Jeni until Sat. morning. Carter stayed with my mom. We had so much fun hanging out with friends, tailgating & going to the Iron Bowl. Too bad AU couldn't pull it through for a win but it was an awesome game & they played so well!! Sunday we went to church, went & picked out a Christmas tree & went to Hanging of the Greens at our church that night which was a fabulous service with wonderful music. I am still working on getting all of our Christmas stuff out...I have so much stuff! Our new personalized stockings are ordered & should be here soon. The lights are on the tree but no ornaments yet. I'm on that tonight after bible study so I can snap some pics of Carter for our Christmas card. Oh so much to do...

We have not been down to see our new niece Audrey yet (other than her b'day) b/c the w/e we were supposed to go they were all sick so we are headed down next w/e...we can't wait to see them!!

Here are some random pics of Carter...the two at the bottom are a bit old but still so sweet of our little angel! We are so blessed!!

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  1. He is getting so big!! And they grow up too fast. I know the days are going to fly by once Wyatt arrives.

  2. Ashley- he is SOOOOO cute! Seriously one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. I can not wait hor Kylie to meet him one day...hopefully soon!