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Friday, December 4, 2009

Sick, sick, not sick

Carter has officially come down with his first real sickness. He has an ear infection in his right ear & both his eyes & nose have an infection as well. Poor thing. He's had what we thought was a cold (nasty nose & a cough) for a little while so we have just been giving him the orange triaminic like the dr. recommended before. But, he came home yesterday from school with a pink eye & gunky stuff in it and he woke up this morning with both eyes rather pink & you could just tell he wasn't feeling good. No fever & he's eating fine which is great. We took him to the dr. this morning & got him some eye drops & antibiotics. This is his first time to take them...I'm pretty proud that we've made it to 8 mos. without any real medications. I hung out at home with him this morning & Justin is with him this afternoon. Justin actually went to the dr. himself at 11 b/c he has also had the same cough/cold for awhile...we figured they were just passing it back & forth. Ends up Justin has a mild sinus infection so he has some antibiotics as well. So I've got two sick boys at home & hopefully I won't catch anything from them! I was hoping to get Carter's Christmas card picture taken this w/e in front of the tree (I was waiting for a small eczema spot to clear up on his face first) but now we may have to wait a little longer since you can just look at him & tell he's sick & doesn't feel good. Hopefully he'll be better soon! YEA for possible snow this w/e...too bad they have downgraded the likelihood of getting much if any!!

Here are a few cute pics of Lucky & Carter lounging around...Carter recently found Lucky's tail & I had a pic of that but I guess I accidentally deleted it...

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  1. sorry Carter's not feeling well, you'd never know by the pictures! He's such a cutie!