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Friday, January 23, 2009

Working on such a nice day... the pits!!! But it is Friday. :) I did go pick up fabric for Carter's bumper and skirt at King Cotton at lunch today & got to enjoy my sunroof down and the balmy 68 degree weather! So we have finally decided on fabrics for the nursery as of last w/e....YEA!! On Sat. I persuaded Justin to go with me to take the swatches I had accumulated over the past couple of months to Storkland and put them up to the bed and chair swatch to see what was going to work. I ended up deciding on my two favorite fabrics from the beginning, go figure. They really match perfectly and will look so good with the black furniture. The bumper and skirt will be the polka dot fabric and the curtains will be the striped green & blue silk. Justin really didn't care for the silk swatch at first but once I took him into Calico Corners he completely changed his mind. The lady pulled the fabric from the bolt and fixed it up like the curtain will actually look so you could visualize it better. Try to ignore all the other fabrics in the background of the pic but you can see the striped curtain fabric on the left & the polka dot fun fabric on the right.

We or I should say Justin is painting the nursery this w/e. The walls will have two shades of blue...a lighter blue above the chair rail we are putting up and a darker blue below. They are a soft sea blue color that goes with the fabric. We found out our furniture is in but they are waiting for the chair to come in in a few wks before they deliver it all. I can't wait to see it all put together & the room set up!!

To completely change the subject, my Dad & I had a lunch date yesterday & I was just tickled to hear that he reads my blog every now & then. Not sure why it got me all excited, I guess I was just happy to hear that my ramblings don't go to waste & someone actually reads them. :) He had asked how Lucky was doing which I completely forgot to update her status. After a $200 visit to the vet (she got her annual shots too which was about 1/2 of that) she is 100% back to normal. She did have a UTI and so the vet gave her a shot that was like a 14-day antibiotic so we didn't have to force any pills down her...that can be quite a challenge for a cat. The vet said it was the same shot that he gave her a few months back when she had her gash in her upper hip.

I had my 30 week appt yesterday which was quick and easy. Doc said everything looks great & she estimated he is about 2.5 lbs but everything else I read says he should be about 3 lbs. I can definitely tell he is growing & moving around a lot more...I've been getting quite a few jabs in the ribs the past couple of days. :)

We had our Infant CPR class on Wed. night from 6:30-9. We had to watch an actually pretty informative video about safety around the house & a lot of things that you wouldn't really think about. We practiced CPR for adults too and wow do you have to push hard on their chest! Justin kept saying "I don't hear the click" when I would do it b/c if you push down hard enough on the chest of the dummy it makes a clicking noise. It was a worthwhile class & I'm glad we signed up. The way to do CPR has changed a lot from when we learned back in Junior High too.

We have our first baby shower tomorrow night! Well, Justin's work threw a shower for us on Monday and got us a ton of great things. They are always so giving! Tomorrow night is a couples shower at Catharine & David's house which should be a lot of fun & we are looking SO forward to it!!

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  1. Ash,
    I am so sorry we missed your party. I love love love the fabric you picked out for Carter's room!! I believe we have very similar taste! The silk is beautiful! I can't wait to come see the finished product!!