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Friday, January 16, 2009


Well it is mornings like this that really make you appreciate the fact that you have a garage!! I can't believe it was 10 degrees this morning with the wind chill that makes it feel like 0!!!! It might as well be snowing if it is going to be this cold so we could stay at home from work on this wonderful Friday morning. I do have a 3 day w/e so I can't complain too much but still.

Justin & I had to take poor Lucky Loo to the vet this morning b/c I am pretty sure she has a UTI (urinary tract infection). Her personality, eating habits, etc. have been normal but she has been excessively using the litter box for the past few days. Sometimes she just sits in it with her tail hanging out the door cutout for long periods of time. She doesn't look or act like she is in pain but that is not typical for her & she really doesn't use the litter box much anymore and just goes outside. Not to mention, on the way to the vet this morning which is literally maybe a mile from our house, she went potty in the back seat but it wasn't much. It is leather too so it wiped right up but that is not like her at all. It did take me back to when she was a kitten and I was taking her home from our old vet in Homewood which was quite a drive and I'm so glad we found a new vet we like over by our house. Anyway on the way home she kept meowing & climbing all over the car & even got up on the dashboard. I just thought she was antsy to get out of the car until she sat down in my lap and all of sudden I felt a warm, wet rush down my leg. Obviously she had to go to the bathroom & had no where else to go but in my lap!! Of course I'm driving and there was nothing I could do. The funniest part was that as soon as she started going she just looked up at me & almost grinned as if she was just relieved to be able to go. I'll never forget that moment. Well she was meowing and walking around this morning too so I should have known. Oh well. Now I am just waiting on the vet to call & give me the news...I will update later with her status. Oh & I almost forgot that today is her 2 year birthday & she's at the VET on her birthday...horrible.

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