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Friday, January 9, 2009

Carter will NOT cooperate!

I had my 28 week appt. yesterday and things went great except that we tried to do another sonogram to see our sweet little baby's face & he still won't show it. He continues to keep it tucked up under him and she also tried to re-verify that he was a boy & she couldn't see anything there either. He had his feet tucked up under him too! Both the doctor and tech said they aren't thinking he has any issues such as a cleft lip or palate or they haven't seen anything before that makes them think that he does, they just want to check to be sure. It is part of the routine exam they do at 20 weeks and she said the one time they give up on looking he would have something. So oh well...maybe we'll try again next time. Of course I don't mind one bit b/c I get to do a sonogram everytime I go so I love it!! :)

The doctor said everything else looked perfect and she couldn't complain about a thing. His heart rate is down to 134 which is normal for a boy. I have gained a total of 15 lbs now...woohoo! I had to get the Rhogam shot for being A- blood type which they gave me in my "tushy" as the nurse called it & it was so not bad! Justin kept telling me that he heard it was "huge" but I didn't look & it only took a second. They also had to draw a vial of blood to do an anti-bodies check...another perk to having A- blood. :) She said they won't stick me again until 36 wks...yippee! Now I start going back every 2 wks instead of 4 & then at 36 wks I start going weekly. So my next appt. is 1/22. Carter will be here before we know it!!!

Yesterday morning I realized he had the hiccups for the first time or the first time I have ever felt them. It is such a funny little repetitive twitch or was making me giggle at my desk! :)

On a random note, I just wanted to say congrats to Florida for winning the National championship game last night...way to go SEC!! I do love me some Timmy Tebow! He is such an extraordinary person, an inspirational christian and obviously talented in so many other ways. It was a well deserved win for them last night & a great game to watch!

Happy Friday to all!!!!


  1. I am glad you found us... Long time! I am so happy for you... little boys are GREAT! I hope your delivery goes a little more smoothly than mine... I will pray it does. I am adding you to my blog list so I can keep up with you! How are things other than being miserable at night and peeing constantly?

  2. Haha!!! Harold used to kick the wand they use to do the ultrasound. I can assure you that since you are planning on breast feeding then 15+lbs. will be nothing. I hope you can see his sweet little face soon!!! 77 days will fly by... xoxo