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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Never leave home without it!

Here is the story or should I say debacle that I had to endure last week on my trip to Seattle...

So my friend/co-worker "Alisha" (that one's for you soup cups :)) & I were flying to Seattle bright & early on Wed. @ 6:30 am to do a site inspection up there & then head back the next day. Well I get to the airport around 5:45 or so, go through security & sit down at my gate ready to board. No sign of Alisha but no big deal...Birmingham is so easy to get in & out of that she could get there 15 min. before & hop on the plane. Boarding pass...check. Luggage....check. Cellphone...hmmm as I'm digging through my purse. No phone...dang I left it on my've got to be kidding me! You never know how much you appreciate/need it 'til it's gone!!! So on to Plan B. Ok no big deal, I'll just have to borrow Alisha's for the next couple of days until I get home. I flip on my laptop & email Justin so that he'll take my phone with him so he can answer it if anyone calls. The clock keeps ticking closer to our flight time & still no sign of Alisha. I finally board when I'm the last person sitting in the terminal & the lady gets on the loud speaker saying "last call for United flight to Chicago"...she is blatantly staring at me. I get on the plane & just stare out the window hoping to see Alisha running for the door but that never happens. Doors to the plane shut & I feel completely lost...I feel like I have no contact to the outside world except for my computer. And I have to give props to the B'ham airport b/c they were the only airport with free wi-fi the entire trip...if you live in B'ham I'm sure you've seen the commercials..."Free wi-fi...another reason to fly Birmingham." Anyway the rest of the trip I have to borrow random peoples' phones to call Alisha & Justin...poor Justin ends up being the middle man...until I finally meet up with Alisha in Seattle two hours after we were supposed to be there. I have to say out of the 6 or 7 people I asked to borrow their phone, everyone said yes except one lady...she was old though & probably didn't even have a phone. :) It was madness & if you think that was the end of the saga...

We missed our flight out the next morning at 7:20! When I went downstairs that morning at the hotel to meet Alisha to go to the airport she wasn't there. So I called her room & low & behold woke her up, so needless to say, we got to the airport 30 min. before our flight left but they said we had already missed it which was bull to me but whatever. So instead of getting in at 4:30 that afternoon I got home at 10 something after sitting in airports on standby all day. Oh and poor Alisha had to stay in Dallas that night b/c there was only 1 seat left on the plane home & she was so sweet to let me go since I have a family, she's single & it was her fault we missed the flight. Thank you "Alisha" for giving me that chance to go home that night so I could wake up to see my sweethearts the next morning!!!!

BTW, Seattle is gorgeous & I wouldn't mind living there! I don't say that about too many places either. All and all the trip was worthwhile & a neat place to see!! Hopefully our flight out on Thursday to New Orleans won't be near as eventful. We are headed down with a bunch of friends to hang out for the w/e & go to Baton Rouge & watch AU/LSU play. I hate to say it but I don't see us winning...unless our team decides to show up this time! WAR EAGLE!!!

And Monday at 7:15am our 2nd niece Audrey is scheduled to arrive!!! We can't wait to meet her!! It is going to be a long, wild weekend! :)

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  1. Hey my name is Heather and I saw your blog because I am friends with Morgan that you are friends with. I actually went to Hoover as well but am a couple years younger. Anyway I have a little girl that is about to be a year old so I like to read mom blogs of other people with little ones! We live in Hoover and I was reading your last post about mother's day out and we are really in search of a mdo program for spring or summer that does have all day care because we only need care two days a week. Do you mind telling me what church you guys were using that has the 8-4 hours? Your little man is so cute! Thanks for your help!