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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Here are Carter's 12 week impressions I recently got back...I think they turned out so well! Justin's mom also got one made with Carter's hand inside Justin's hand that turned out really neat. It is at her house so I don't have a picture but I'll try to get one & put it up sometime.

What Carter has been up to...

He is probably 20 lbs now & is sitting up on his own. Well I wouldn't run off & leave him sitting b/c he will still fall over every now & then, but he is doing so well with it. He is eating up a storm with baby food. He loves it ALL! We are slowly trying him out on the 2nd food stuff which is a couple things mixed up like Strawberry Banana Granola & Blueberry Oat something just for examples...they are tons of them & I just went & bought out the store the other week. We just have to be careful about making sure he isn't allergic to anything which so far he isn't.

We recently switched him back to Stepping Stones daycare which I'm really happy about. The MDO we had him in was a little disappointing & we realized the hours (8-4) weren't really going to work out come tax season since I would be the only one able to pick him up & drop him off. I go out of town for work a decent amount (I'm flying to Seattle tomorrow) & we would have to arrange for grandparents to pick him up, etc. so we just decided we didn't want to deal with that. Plus they don't have the same rules at MDO like they do at daycare due to DHR and all, so most days Carter would come home with his sheet halfway filled out with when he ate, slept, pooped, etc. Plus there were multiple times he came home with bottles turned upside down in his bag with milk all in the bottom, items missing, etc. I really like that he has his own bed at daycare & we have never had a problem there, so it is worth the little extra drive/backtracking. I don't mean to completely bash our church's MDO program, but I think it is really just meant for MDO (9-1) rather than an all day thing. We already really miss some of the sweet teachers like Nonna & Abby. I do have to say that the teachers at SS, the "chitas" as Justin likes to call them...there is Sanchita in the morning & Conchita in the afternoon along with Coco, Claudia and a few others...were SO EXCITED to have him back...they absolutely love him & I love that!!!

We still don't have any teeth but he's drooling like crazy & chewing on everything!! His hair is really starting to grow in & is so cute & fluffy right is dirty blonde like I thought it would be. He has started rolling over from back to front a lot these days. He did his tummy to back a few times back when he was 4 months but hasn't really cared for it anymore 'til now. He usually does it after his bath when I am trying to cover him in lotion or he tries to do it while I am changing his diaper. He likes to sleep on his left side at night & we usually find him in the middle of his bed in the morning. Carter is sleeping so much better now...he usually sleeps about 11-12 hours & only wakes up most nights once or twice & that is normally b/c he can't find a paci. He is so sweet in the mornings when you go into get him...just smiling up at really melts my heart! :) Posted by Picasa

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