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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sleep, sleep, sleep

Well we have had a lot of sleep ordeals going on in the Flurry household recently. Carter started sleeping through the night (Hooray!) last first night back to work. Couldn't have been better timing...must have been his little present to me for having to go back to work. :) He hasn't stopped since which has been fabulous! He does usually wake up around 3:45 or so & I just pop his paci right back in (sometimes more often than I would like) & he will sleep until about 7 or so. Just glad we're not having to do the late night feedings anymore which were usually around 2:30 or so.

Justin got his sleep study results back on Tues. & he found out he has severe sleep apnea. He wakes up 56 times an hour! That's almost every minute!!!! How crazy is that?!?!? Supposedly people with severe sleep apnea start at 30 times an hour but it can be over 100 times sometimes. The average/normal person wakes up 5 or less. So he got a bipap machine instead of a cpap one. The bipap means the air pumps in and out rather than the cpap that just has a constant air flow. The bipap worked better on him during his sleep study. So now we have Darth Vader (as I call him) sleeping at night. :) The noise really isn't almost sounds like a sleep machine. It will take some getting used to for him. He usually takes it off by 1 or 2am so far. Hopefully it will help with everything in the long run! The other thing we found out from this is that he has an enlarged heart too which the sleep apnea could have caused. He has to meet with a cardiologist & have some tests run (like an eco-cardiogram) to figure that all out. So it is one thing after the other. Started with his appendix & then we just keep finding out more & wild!! I'll keep everyone posted on that once we found out more but I don't think the enlarged heart is anything to freak out about as of yet. More to come...

The other night I heard our owl that we hear late at night a lot of the time, but I knew he must have been close since he sounded pretty loud. I opened up the back door to the porch & there he was just perched on a limb not 10 yards from the deck. We tried our best to get some good close up pics but it was tough. I just thought it was really neat that he was that close & he didn't even care that we were out there just staring at him & taking pics. Here is the closest up pic we could get & then one a little further out. Nature can be so amazing sometimes!

And of course I can't have a blog post without some pics of our little man! Here is a pic I took of him laughing at my brother or Jason trying to get him to laugh so I could get a pic. It is so hard to capture those moments!

And here is one of my two favorite guys snoozing on the couch. Aren't they precious?!? :) Carter was all swaddled up & ready for bed.

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