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Sunday, July 5, 2009

We're getting another niece!!

We found out last week that Sara & Jay are having another girl due the end of October & we are thrilled to be getting another niece! We were all pretty shocked when we found out it was a girl...I think everyone was determined it was going to be a boy but we just can't wait to meet her now! Hopefully she'll have a name soon but I do know that I found a super cute fabric at Calico Corners for Sara to use in Hadley's new big girl room & she loved it & pretty much already has the whole room planned out now & the new baby girl will get Hadley's adorable nursery.

Hadley & Sara came to visit a few weeks ago so I've got some cute pics of Miss Hadley & of course some new pics of our little Carter man! As for an update on the sweet husband, he went to the cardiologist a few weeks back to check out this whole enlarged heart thing & found out he doesn't have an enlarged heart & they ran a stress test on him that came back low risk so he is good to go...which was wonderful news to my ears! So all & all he only has a few scars on his stomach from removing the appendix & the sleep apnea. Hopefully nothing else will come up & we will be doctor/hospital free for awhile!!

Here's Hadley trying out Carter's bumbo seat...she loved it!

What a sweet smile!

Carter & Hadley playing in the living room...Carter is really starting to like his play mat.
What a precious face!
Carter got all snuggled up on his Grandpa Dave's shoulder...he shows more & more emotion/affection everyday.

Here is an overdue pic of Addy & I with Carter when she came in town a month or so ago. (I had it on my camera & not the big Canon that we usually use.) He has changed so much!
My brother took this cute smiley face pic one day while he was playing under one of his toys.
He loves to give some goofy bug-eyed looks...
He has received a few new outfits recently that have both had little cute he is trying one on.

The final look.
I can't get this silly thing to keep each caption with each pic so bare with me...

Bath time is always fun!

Here is Carter wearing the first outfit I ever bought him before he was born...I used to love turtles & I thought it was a super cute Beaux et Belles smocked outfit!

Carter got his first bug bite & it was not fun! He was so upset & we couldn't figure out why until this scary bug fell from him after being outside on the deck. The pic below was the evil culprit we killed...we looked it up but I can't remember exactly what it was beetle something... (the arm pic was from the next day too...I think we only got a pic of the bug on the day of)

My snoozing sweetheart in his bouncer...I think this was after mr. nasty bug bite!
Ok the other pics above are...the other cute cap outfit (cap only) he got from Grandpa Dave & LaLa...thank you!

He met his great
grandmother for the first time the other day...he was just smiling away at her!

And my mom made this awesome quilt & "Shashe" (my mother-in-law) had him all curled up with it on the couch one night.

Carter wearing his cool shades. As far as we can tell he really likes them too! :)

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