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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Update on everyone...

Justin had his colonoscopy done this past Friday and another small procedure where he had to go in on Tuesday morning & drink some nasty chalky stuff & they had to do some xrays & then he could go. Everything came back normal on both of those so we are pleased to hear that he doesn't have Crohn's disease or any other crazy bowel issues. Right now he is at Brookwood doing his sleep study tonight & this will hopefully be the last of all of his wild episodes there. Glad to hopefully be over with all of that & if they do figure out he has sleep apnea then he'll just have to wear one of those cpap face mask things while he sleeps so we'll see what they figure out after tonight.

I have officially gone back to work as of today unfortunately. I will be working from home which is such a blessing and a privilege & I'm thrilled that I am going to be able to do that. I did have to go into the office today and I will be there tomorrow to get my laptop & do a few other things. I am also hopefully getting approved for a crack - oh I mean blackberry too. :) I almost dread having one but I really need it so I don't have to have the laptop attached to my hip all day long. I will be up at the office some too I'm sure & I'll have to go do site inspections and such, but Justin's work is very flexible & we will be able to work around any issues. My mom is also a teacher & off for the summer so she'll be able to help me transition to working from home with Carter. I'm looking very forward to this opportunity & am so glad I don't have to leave him!!

Look how much Carter has grown!!

He is getting to be such a big boy!

He looked so cute all bundled up on the couch...

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow"...this was Carter after church on Sunday in his Feltman brothers bubble outfit that is 6 months but he can already wear it & a lot of other 3-6 mo. things. Mommy was to the right of him trying to make him smile...I just love his little grin.

Another sweet one...

Sweet pic of Daddy and Carter snoozing...I love these moments!

Trying out his bumbo seat for the first time on Monday.
He is getting really good at holding his head up now at 2 months so I figured I would see how well he could sit in it & he looked great!

Look how adorable I am! :)

Carter fell asleep on the boppy while I was washing the cover the other day and I thought he looked so peaceful.

I took this pic of Carter this afternoon when I got home from work. I was trying him out in the sling to make sure he still liked it since I don't put him in it all that often. He looked so cute so I had to take a pic!

Justin took this pic today while he was at home with him. He fell asleep in the bumbo seat after he was done eating...too funny!


  1. Ashley-
    So glad to hear all of Justins test came back with good news! I can't believe how different Carter looks from even the last time we saw him!! I LOVE the picture of him asleep in the bumpo! That is hilarious!! Thanks for remembering us on our anniversary too! You are so thoughtful!! And it really meant alot to both of us! Hope to see ya'll soon!

  2. Wow, Carter is growing so fast! He is just precious! I love all of his pictures! And you are so lucky to get to work from home. I had to go back for 3 weeks in May and leaving Maddox was so hard. I'm sure it will be a thousand times worse in the fall though. Glad to hear that Justin is okay. I'm sure he'll be glad to be done with doctors and tests and such.

  3. So precious! I cant believe how much he has grown. I cant wait to meet him in a month!!!