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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Carter is 6 months old today!! Poor thing had his 6 month check-up this morning which meant 5 stabs in his thigh. :( It would have normally been 4 but we went ahead & got his first of 2 flu shots as well. With that pig flu & regular flu going around, I wanted him to go ahead & get started on that. As far as his stats go, he has grown 2 inches from his 4 mo. check-up to 28" which is in the 90th percentile & he weighs a little over 19 lbs now which is around the 80th percentile. His head circumference has grown an inch & is now off the charts at 18.75 inches!!! He's going to have a big 'ole head like his Daddy. :) The doc said that normally a big head means a big body & he is def. a big boy! Everything else checked out great & he doesn't go back until 9 months except for his 2nd part of the flu shot in 4-6 wks. We talked all about food & he basically said we can feed him any of the baby foods, 1st, 2nd or 3rd but he said to steer clear of the 2nd food meats...they're supposedly terrible...and no desserts since they are just full of sugar & fats. He said we can probably start any table foods that he can handle like mashed potatoes, sweet potates (which he loves), etc. In about a month or so we can offer him some cheerios and then just go from there. So all of that will be fun! He has been teething for awhile now but no pearly whites yet. The doc also said that it looks like they are still pretty far off so who knows when one will finally come in. It is amazing how quickly they change from one day to the next. We have been so blessed with such a precious child over the past 6 months & look forward to all the fun times ahead!!

Feel free to check out his growth chart on and put in my email address ( & the password is Carter330.

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  1. Happy 1/2 Birthday Carter!!! He is getting so big and still adorable as always. Can't wait to see you on Sunday. Are you going to bring the little man? I would love to see him!! Have a great day!!!