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Friday, September 25, 2009

Ebay addict!

I just won this off ebay for Carter man & I am SUPER excited about it!!! He loves this thing! Everytime I go in to pick him up at MDO he is in it just bouncing away so I figured I would get him one. He already has an exersaucer that he really likes but this thing he can really move in plus it is good exercise for those chunky little legs. :) Everywhere is sold out of them or at least online except Amazon which had it for $199!!! I won it for $51 (I whipped in a last min. bid & I'm sure ticked someone off) & it is only $8.59 to ship. All the other ones that were on there were $25 or more to ship so I think I got a great deal. I can't wait til it gets here! Too bad it is coming from NY but hopefully it won't take too long. Carter is getting baptized this w/e so this can be his little present from mommy. :)


  1. I'm confused Ashley!! Are you asking if I paid for the video?? I know we'll be at AU/Kentucky, but sure about anything before then -- My sister is getting married 2 weeks from tomorrow!!

  2. You got a great deal! If Carter loves his jumper half as much as Maddox does, he'll use it all the time. Carter is growing so fast!! He is precious!!