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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Unexpected surgery!

Who would have thought not 6 weeks after Carter was born that we would be back at the hospital with Justin having an appendicitis!!! Poor thing was having a lot of lower abdomenal pain on Tuesday that started when we were here at Brookwood for my post partum check-up. It got so bad he went into his doctor first thing yesterday morning who sent him to Brookwood to get a cat scan to see if it was his appendix which it turned out to be. They removed it at 4:30pm yesterday which they got to luckily do laproscopicly and the doctor said it was highly inflammed & was about a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. It had moved over from the right side and attached to his bladder & colon...crazy how it can do that & why do we have the darn thing anyway when we don't need it. He has been doing better today & the doctor said this morning that he thinks he can go home today but we are just waiting on him to come back this afternoon & let us know. I'm so glad that this didn't happen a few weeks back b/c I probably would have been a nervous wreck with Carter and everything. We are now in a pretty good routine & I've become very accustomed to getting around with him. It was interesting yesterday running around the hospital trying to find a private place to pump...I ended up in a private bathroom in the pre-op area that had a cushioned seat by the shower that worked out perfectly. :) It is amazing how very much your life changes with a baby but I wouldn't trade it for the world...he is the most wonderful blessing ever!!! I'm also thankful that I'm not going back to work until June 1st so I can be around to take care of Justin while he gets back in the swing of things. I'm actually going to be working from home...HOORAY...when I do go back but at least for now I still don't have to answer to anyone or worry about any work issues which has been absolutely wonderful! I'm just thrilled that I don't have to leave my little sweetheart when I do go back.

Carter's announcements are in the mail and everyone should get theirs today or in the next few days. I got his newborn pics back last week so I got them ordered & they just came in. They turned out really well! I hope to have a bunch of his adorable newborn pics on here very soon and some other fun pics. He is changing so much every day & starting to really show some personality! He is beginning to grin too...what a little blessing!

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  1. I hope that Justin fells better soon. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Oh, and those baby annoucements are SO CUTE!!