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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Funny pic

Here is a silly pic of Carter that my father & stepmother-in-law took while taking care of him the other w/e while we went out for Justin's b'day. It is the background on our computer & I can't quit laughing at his little smirk everytime I see it.

A quick update on Justin. He is doing MUCH better after his surgery last Wed. He got to come home from the hospital last Th. afternoon & just recuperated all w/e. We went Mon. to get his drain taken out from his lower abdomen which was such a relief for him not to have that anymore. He is planning on going back to work tomorrow. The doctor did call him today & said they had gotten the pathology report back & wanted to get him in for a colonoscopy to make sure he doesn't have an inflammed bowel disease or what is also known as Crohn's disease. The doctor doesn't think he has it but just to be sure. He also is supposed to set up an appt. to go in & have a sleep study done b/c they think he has sleep apnea which I could have told them that since he snores ALL the time & gasps in his sleep sometimes. I guess this appendicitis was a blessing in disguise since it may let us know if he has anything else going on. I didn't realize that the sleep apnea can cause problems down the road since you aren't getting as much sleep as you should & can take a toll on your circulatory system. All these fun things we learn with experiences! Let's hope and pray that he doesn't have the Crohn's disease & if does have sleep apnea (which I think he does) that he can get the CPap device to use at night & that's it. I'll update later on once all these procedures are completed.

More Carter pics to come...I got all his cute newborn pics back that I want to put up on here. He is growing so quickly & I don't even realize it since I'm with him all day everyday & love every minute of it!


  1. Wow I'm so so glad that Justin is ok. Crazy how the pain comes on so quickly then the next thing you know you have to get your appendix removed! Lovin the pics of Carter. He is so precious!

  2. he is just too precious for words! I'm so upset I missed out on seeing him Monday!! I'll be there in two weeks when we get back in town! His sweet picture is hanging on our refrigerator :)

  3. What a cutie!! We will be praying for yall! :)