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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baptism pics

Carter was baptized on Sept. 27 at our church, Riverchase United Methodist. He was a few days shy of 6 months. Jim Savage commented on what a "big boy" he was...those sweet chubby cheeks. :)

My mom cross-stitched his baptism was precious! (see pic below)
Justin & Miss Hadley
Most of our family lives in town but Justin's sister and family came in from Mobile. We were so glad that they could make it. We treated everyone to brunch/lunch at a new place close to our house called The Egg & I. Then it was back to our house for pictures...

Shashe with her only 2 grandbabies at the time...Audrey came about a month after. Hadley thinks it's fun to put her finger in Carter's mouth...she has done it since the first time she met him. :)

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  1. Ashley you look so great in that picture of you and Carter! He doesn't look so bad himself! haha! Precious pictures! I really wanna squeeze those cheeks!